Hooked for a lifetime! Is it magic or Butter in a Jar of Awesomeness?


Spring is here so UGGs have already been stashed back in my winter labeled trunks from which out came the bright peep toed, bare backed flats. Up until last year, shoe transition used to be a well-planned undertaking with either pedicures scheduled or done myself, but this year to my awestruck discovery, my heels were as soft as green grass when their time to emerge from the hibernation arrived. And it led me to thinking, what has changed since last winters that saved me all the hassle? And after some soul searching, I realized that I bought Body Shop’s HONEY & BEESWAX HAND AND FOOT BUTTER this February. Since my discovery of this gem, I have been using it every single day at bed time and my heels have been in the best possible shape ever.

The look and feel is just like that of an amazing sniffing butter. I am usually not a big fan of honey smelling products but this one has thrown all those waxy honey smelling products out the window. It smells like heaven in a pot and is like silk on the skin. To be very honest, I was gob smacked by the results I got from this one and here I am vouching for this product. What surprised me even more is that since we have hit summers in Sydney, this one is still working exceptionally well with rising temperature. I wash my feet at night, massage them liberally and off I am to bed. And it doesn’t feel tacky at all.

As for the packaging, it is Jarry and expensive but I am not a big fan of it but with the potency of this product, I kind of feel guilty for pointing it out but if there is one product that can get my feet, hands, knees and elbows through a lifetime of awesomeness, it has to be this one.


Hooked for a lifetime! Is it magic or Butter in a Jar of Awesomeness?

Tony & Guy CLEANSE Dry Shampoo

Tony&Guy Cleanse Dry Shampoo

Well correct me if I am wrong but isn’t it supposed to be Spring here in Sydney? Yet why am I scared to death whenever the weather guy shows up at 5 in the evening with news like another laurel to Sydney’s credit of breaking the mercury records and that it is still running rouge!

What will it take to let spring remain spring? I am not the one who embraces summers with my arms wide open so when I am robbed off my rights to a splendid playful spring, you get one very crazy and cranky me!

I usually pull out my army of weapons against sticky, drippy oily scalp when we enter the prime of summers but this year I am caught off guard and had to rush my apparent pickup “dry shampoo”. I was very tempted to try something new but then I thought I’d stick to what I knew will work! Tony & Guy is a brand that sounds business just by the name of it. I remember when I was in college, I was so darn fascinated by this brand that I used to pick up things that weren’t even meant to be used by girls! Anyways, that was one crazy me during college but now I am a tad bit more sensible in letting go of my money.

With this one you smell like fresh from not oven but the “hair salon”. I was very surprised to see how magical a few spritz of dry shampoo on my scalp were. I cruised through the day in between my shampoos without groaning every hour in front of the mirror just to find how greasy I felt by the hour. Well Toni & Guy have me wrapped up and I sail like a pro surfer through my day and that too without any touch-ups. It doesn’t age you by leaving any white dregs in your hair. No matter how much you spray, no white residue, yup none at all and also banishes oil all day long. Toni and guy have struck a correct balance between volumes, hold and with a perfect stretch of dryness needed to manage 2nd day of soppy hair. To keep your locks flying effortlessly this summer, Toni & Guy is the brand to look out for.

Tony & Guy CLEANSE Dry Shampoo

Shhhhhh… its Color Whisper from Maybelline


As the mercury is rising in Sydney, I can already be spotted haunting Priceline for an updated makeup line. Well not entirely, but things like lightweight, non-gluey lippies make it to the top of my shuffle list. All the beauty brands are hopping on the lightweight lippie bandwagon and Maybelline is no exception. They came flying with their lightweight formula earlier this year.

Technically Color Whisper is Ultra-clear, flexible gel formula with pure pigments that ensures lightweight, sheer colour that doesn’t cake the lips. Well who am I to say anything when Color Whisper justifies what is says on the tin.

They give a subtle hint of color and are as easygoing as a lip balm. One layer gives a sheer insinuation of color and sheen to the lips. They are very build-able and can be layered for a good punch of color. So your dainty lip shine becomes a bold lipstick with just 2-3 coats. Maybelline has mastered the lightweight formula as there are no heavy waxes or oils and just a luxurious kiss of luster.

As for longevity, these are not meant to glue to your lips for a lifetime and I find myself digging up my handbag intermittently.  Coming to shades, they have a decent array of colors to choose from. Well keep an eye on the shade that you are wanting to buy as the light looking ones are ought to be very sheer and might go undetectable. So a general thumb rule would be to grab a tone darker of what you are expecting to achieve.

Perfect lightweight packaging as it doesn’t adds grams to your already heavy take-along beauty kits. To sum up, if you  are looking for a non-sticky, lightweight gel-like sheer lip formula, Color Whisper might just be the thing you are looking for!

Maybelline Color Whisper

Shhhhhh… its Color Whisper from Maybelline

IMATS Sydney 2014 : A Glimpse

It was my first time at IMATS (International Make-Up Artist Trade Show ) and if I have to summarize it in one word I’d probably say “Splendid”.

In case some of you are wondering what’s IMATS, it is the make-up world’s biggest gathering. Thousands of make-up artists, vendors and enthusiasts discuss, display and collect the best the industry has to offer. IMATS continues to educate and connect make-up artists from around the world. The show is held six times annually—in Los Angeles; New York; London; Vancouver, B.C.; Sydney; and Toronto.

Once I entered the exhibition centre, what I saw could only be explained as everybody running crazy like headless chickens. Well and I’d say I kind of became one too..well who wouldn’t when you get great deals and bargains at things that you really love and can’t breathe without.. like MAC Pro , INGLOT, Hakuhudo, Ben Nye and the list goes on and on…
It was my Year 1 at IMATS and there is no reason at all for me not to visit it year after year. The USP is that you get great deals and discounts on brands that are primarily on makeup artist’s radar and are often used by them. Well what sweetens the pot are things like flat 20% off on MAC products or Makeup forever basic kit which otherwise would cost us $200 will now cost $160 and the cherry topping is you when you get to meet the best in the industry. It is one thing to look at their videos and absolutely another to meet them in real life and see them up close and personal. What makes IMATS so different and spectacular to any other beauty event on earth is that IMATS talks just the language of makeup, yes pure makeup..No clothings, no shoes or no accessories that spoil the cocktail..the tribute is paid to beauty and the best from the industry share their make up mantras and give a good insight into the latest trends on the runway.

I attended a couple of sessions and I have to say that each one made me a tad bit more literate than before. Here are a few highlights of my day at IMATS.

It was held at Sydney Convention Centre

IMATS Sydney 2014 IMATS Sydney 20141 IMATS Sydney 20142

Michael Key, Executive Producer at IMATS.

IMATS Sydney 20143


The famous Makeup Artists Rae Morris.


I learnt about Face Taping and its usage during photo shoots. Look closely and you can see the tape near her temples to give a more sculpted look to the face.


Demonstration of latest looks on the runways this year which included a lot of Gloss and shine.


The best way to widen Asian eyes is not to elongate them upward but downwards just like in the image below… These are little bits of great mantras that i collected from some amazing Makeup artists at IMATS.

DSC07434 DSC07494

The famous makeup artist behind X Facor, Australia and Australia got talent, Martin Bray demonstrating Lasting Makeup

DSC07519 DSC07523

MAC Sr. Makeup Artist Nicole Thompson gave a presentation on latest trends straight from the International runways.

IMATS MAC Nicole Thompson 2014 Trends DSC07525 DSC07529 DSC07530 DSC07533

DSC07545 DSC07546 DSC07547 DSC07549

Work of Art from MAC Pro Artists

DSC07552 DSC07557 DSC07561

Winded up the day with a visit to the QVB, Queen Victoria Building.


IMATS Sydney 2014 : A Glimpse

Afternoon with Nicole Thompson at IMATS, 2014 looks demystified

There are a few occasions when you are completely gobsmacked by someone’s charm and wit and one of these rare occasions happened with me at IMATS Sydney yesterday. I attended Nicole Thompson’s (Sr. Makeup Artist at MAC) presentation on 2014 Latest Trends and it was like pure magic. Her session was the USP of my day at IMATS as she effortlessly juggled between latest trends and her beauty mantras. She demonstrated the latest looks from international runways this year and sprinkled her magic on the models on stage and transformed them from pretty to gorgeously stunning. Fresh from the New York and London fashion-week runways,she demonstrated key beauty trends seen at the international collections in New York, London, Milan and Paris, and gave insight into new tips and tricks used backstage!

In case some of you are wondering what’s IMATS, here you go, the International Make-Up Artist Trade Show is the make-up world’s biggest gathering. Thousands of make-up artists, vendors and enthusiasts discuss, display and collect the best the industry has to offer. IMATS continues to educate and connect make-up artists from around the world. The show is held six times annually—in Los Angeles;  New York; London; Vancouver, B.C.; Sydney; and Toronto.

Nicole shared and demonstrated the latest trends of 2014 and how we can achieve those looks with MAC.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are 4 key look this season that predominantly dominated the runways and here they are

1. REB-ELLE Eyes where Black meets charcoal meets emerald meets burgundy meets midnight blue IMATS MAC Nicole Thompson 2014 Trends41 The look is as simple as it gets, get down and dirty with black just like when we were young and had no clue how to use crayons and just scribbled and scribbled to our hearts content. Well that’s what you have to do if you want to have rebellious eyes. It should not be neat or precisely done. Just casually paint your lids black and get really beneath those eyes.

Nicole casually said, if you want to hide dark circles, paint them smoky 😉

And now is the right time to bring out the glitter that we have been burying in our makeup stashes for years. Give dimension to the eyes with glitter, pat with finges and blend and blend. Keep the skin simple and somewhat flawed which is what makes it even more beautiful and woo hoo we are done.

MAC Products to use to be REB-ELLE

Strobe Cream
MAC PRO Studio Finish Concealer Palette
Beauty Balm
Feline Kohl Pencil
Reflects Blackened Red Pigment
Blackground paintpot
Haute and naughty Mascara
Shine Mixing Medium
Hush and Pearl Cream Color Bases
Clear Brow Set
Clear Lip conditioner

2. SPIRITUAL-IZE IMATS MAC Nicole Thompson 2014 Trends6 It’s a little tough to explain spiritual eyes but I’ll try, well eyes that are tired, spooky, haunted, ghostly and kind of soulful at the same time. Did you kind of get it ? I think it is better if you have a look at the image above and deduce your own interpretation.

The skin is super luminous almost like that of a mannequin and lips are sombre. Whats interesting about the look are the cheekbones that have been contoured with the groundwork painpot.

MAC will help you get there

Strobe Cream
Mineralize Moisture fluid foundation
MAC PRO Studio Finish Concealer palette
Groundwork Paintpot
Quarry, Satin Taupe and Shale shadows
Lip Mix in Mid tone nude
Brow pencils
Spice/Oak lip pencils
Fresh brew lipstick

3. AU-CURRENT – A rush of blood when something is undone but still well done. IMATS MAC Nicole Thompson 2014 Trends10

The trends suggest keeping the skin satiny,  simple and beautiful and then throwing in the punch of color with bright bold red lips. Now it is not just Red Lips, well they are 3-D red lips. Red with hints of Burgandy and Pink color packed in a way to make lips seem fuller and almost like red rose petals. And the colors  are not just lippies but eye-shadows and pigments that give the right texture and hue to the lips. This is my favorite of the season and I can’t wait to wear it.

MAC Proucts that will make you Au-Current

Lip Conditioner
Beauty Balm
Star Violet Shadows
Penultimate Brow Marker
MAC Pro Crimson and Burgandy Lip mix
Vino Lip Pencil
Red Electric Pigment
Sketch shadow
Shine mixing medium


MAC 2014 Trends IMATS Sydney Perspex-Tive

The last but not the least look on the runways this year was a very very glossy looks or better phrased “The Cellophane Eye look”. Its a new way of revisiting the monochrome effect.

The idea is to keep everything matt down the T-zone but very shiny, glossy and glassy on the outskirts of the face. Almost like a glare as the light falls on the high points of the face. A thick coat of lip glass on the eyelids and the cheek highlighted and complimented by pink shiny pigments on the high points of the cheek bones. The lips can be orange or nudey or as you wish.

Here’s how you can get the look via MAC Products

Careblends Oils
Lip Conditioner Mineralize Moisture Fluid foundation
Pearl and Luna Cream Color Bases
Silver Dusk Iridescent Loose powder
Fling and Lingering Brow Pencils
Clear Lip Glass
#30 and # lashes
Dusk cream color base

Well this summarizes the four most worn runway looks that you’d be seeing in the months to come. Let me know which look is your favorite and you’d be wearing this season.

Afternoon with Nicole Thompson at IMATS, 2014 looks demystified

Formula Ten-O-Six Pores be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask

Formula 10.0.6 pores be pure skin clarifying mud mask

Well let’s admit that I am not so blessed in the skin department or that good skin isn’t in my DNA which inevitably implies that my witch hunt for potent products never comes to an end. All year long, year after year I am hard at work to pick up goods that offers me relief from bad skin days. And when I find a product that gives me just that under $10, there is possibly a not more happier version of me.

The latest bang for my buck product is the Formula 10.0.6 Pores be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask. Foremost what I looouve about this brand is that they make sachets for their face masks! A smart move from a great brand and I’d like to believe that it is their confidence in their products that made them come up with a very simple yet powerful idea. Who wouldn’t want to give a new face mask a quick try before investing in a big size? Formula 10.0.6 have 4 amazing face mask and all come in 2 x 5 g sachets(@$1.99) which is enough to decide whether the mask works for you or not. This is exactly what I did and now I have ended up with the big packaging of Pores be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask.

I find mud masks very effective on my skin, well the reason is not surely known but I guess a very troubled skin calls for heavy solutions and simply isn’t tricked by the light weight gel face masks so this one is right down my alley.

While I am blabbering about the greatness of this mask, let me take the liberty to decode how and why this mask works. The key ingredients are strawberries, rosemary and yarrow and they help the skin to look younger, brighter and better.

It has been scientifically proven that strawberries with their anti-oxidants, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties help slowing down aging process, treat burns and offer best form of UV protection. Being rich in alpha-hydroxylic acid, Strawberries help get rid of dead skin cells. They have a high content of salicylic acid making them the ideal agents to treat acne. Vitamin C boosts up collagen production and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles while Omega- 3 fatty acids found in strawberries lighten the skin tone and reduce dark circles.

Rosemary is rich in nutrients including iron, calcium, vitamins and antioxidants and just like strawberries helps slow down the ticking clock of age and  treats acne by reducing inflammation.

Fatty acids found in Yarrow boost the oxygen content in skin cells and thus improves skin’s ability to regenerate. Yarrow is a great natural ingredient for acne and oily skin and helps heal damaged skin and stimulate regeneration of new skin cells.

Coming back to our mud mask, It does have a tingling sensation which subsides once the mask starts to dry. Well I have a little trick up my sleeve that actually turns the tingly sensation into a burst of chill. After I apply the mask, I spray some cold water from a spray bottle on my face, well just a tiny bit and the stinginess all together changes to a cold sensation just like the one after popping mints into the mouth. I find my acne marks start to fade out and the complexion is brightened instantly.

For $9, this face mask is a real snatch and what is there to loose after all!

And please don’t forget to pen down your comments on your favorite face masks.

Formula 10.0.6 pores be pure skin clarifying mud mask2

Formula 10.0.6 pores be pure skin clarifying mud mask3

Formula Ten-O-Six Pores be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask

Monday gone maniac, Chanel splurge


Monday morning and same ol’ story, wakey wakey @ 6, cuppa tea, teethi shine, bath and off I am to college. Today was more than usually blue, I was busy mugging up Marketing Approach by Peter Rix during my 45 mins bus ride as I was swapping between notes from past 3 months’ of classes and they were literally flying all over the place. The poor guy sitting next to me got up, changed his seat and told me in his typical OZ accent, “u got to pull it together mate”. Well did I? Absolutely not! I had a written assessment today and I couldn’t have had a worse morning but as the assessment began, I kind of regained sense of the earthly things around me and realized that it was just an assessment. The bloke next to me finished his assessment in 20 mins while I gave it a good 1 hr, I think I did well.

Feeling noble of my achievement, I decided to brush pass David Jones on the way back home, for some refreshment for my eyes and before I realized I was all over the Chanel counter, drooling, sniffing through new fragrances and trying swatches and what not. And my so called self derived self forced Monday morning blues costed me a good fortune. I splurged on 3 new lippies for the approaching summers in Sydney and I couldn’t turn my eyes from pink. I know orange is the new pink this year but still pink is a color that either be worn or applied, simply lightens up my day.

I bagged Rouge Coco in 80 Etole that has a deep classic pink hue which is a lightweight lip colour that glides on easily and manages to hydrates lips and keeps them moisturized.

Rouge Allure Laque Luminous Satin Lip Lacquer in 77 Santal. It is light, creamy and filled with soft focus coated pigments that coats lips in intense colour and lacquered shine.

Finally I kind of stumbled upon a thin long black bottle of Genie. That’s what they call their beautiful ROUGE ALLURE EXTRAIT DE GLOSS in a tangy peachy shade (52). I have tried this formula before and I have to say it is worthy of all possible laurels. It has a silky gel texture that makes the lips feel so contended and look luminous, full and sensuous for hours. Great longevity without being sticky unlike other gluey glosses in the market those claim to stay on your lips for a lifetime.

Well I am going to sleep over my Monday gone maniac splurge and hope that I don’t regret my craziness tomorrow.


Monday gone maniac, Chanel splurge